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About SmartChoices
The smartchoices platform provides accessible Labour Market Information (LMI) and analysis, and Further Education & Training (FET) information, and other resources. The platform allows many different user groups to access and explore information from two central dashboards and other interactive tools, to assist in their career choices and pathways.
Why use SmartChoices
The Labour Market Portal contains data and analysis produced using the UK SOC 2010* classification system. Sources include the National Skills Bulletin which is based on the Central Statistics Office quarterly Labour Force Survey occupational estimates.
The FET dashboard contains data and analysis produced by SOLAS and other stakeholders, using the ISCED** classification of fields of education and training.
The Standard Occupational Classification is the system used by the UK's Office for National Statistics to classify people for statistical purposes according to their job
The International Standard Classification of Education is the reference international classification for organising education programmes and related qualifications by levels and fields