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Use the map and interactive graphics to access information and resources on the Information and Communication Technologies field of learning and Further Education & Training in your area and use the Smart choices tool to explore the full FET dashboard. Use the Links tab to access course information at
For practitioners exploring the Information and Communication Technologies field of learning, several occupational group titles, may relate to this field. Use the Labour Market Portal tab to explore the full range of Labour Market Information.
In excess of 36,000 persons were employed in the Programmers and software development professionals occupational group in Q4 2020.


Every person who comes to us looking for advice or guidance on what to do next, has their own unique set of skills, experiences, and interests. We always want to help them find exactly the right step to take to get to where they want to be in their career so having a resource like smartchoices at our fingertips was invaluable when exploring the Information and Communication Technologies field of learning. Two people looking to break into the exact same industry needed to take different pathways to get there and we were able to show them all the options available to them now and potentially where those options could take them in the future!
The interactive tool to inform career choices and future pathways